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She cried on the spot, right at the IVF Seminar…..

Last year, I was invited to speak at an IVF seminar hosted by a very well known

Fertility Centre. I shared about the importance of pregnancy preparation. How to get

the body into the best reproductive health to increase chance of IVF success was my

main topic. During the Q&A session, there was one particular couple that drew my

attention, because even though there were many people around, the lady cried out

right on the spot. Everyone was concerned about what happened to her.

She cried while she asked the doctor, “I did 2 IVF cycles in Malacca, I completely

failed one cycle and have miscarried on the other. Can I transfer the remaining 5

frozen embryos to KL for implantation?” The doctor replied that, since the embryos

had only been cultured for 3 days, plus the embryo freezing technologies were not

matured enough in Malacca, it was highly not recommended for them to be

transferred anywhere.


The next day, this lady, Mrs. Lau came to see me. According to my experience,

because the embryos were made before pregnancy health preparation, their quality

would be very weak, in fact, I would not recommend the embryos to be implanted at

all. Poor embryo quality is one of the main reasons of causing miscarriage.

Mrs. Lau was only 28 years old when she saw me. But after my detailed diagnosis, I

discovered that she suffered severe PCOS for a long period of time. As a result, after

her previous IVF cycles, her hormones were totally unbalanced, her menstrual cycles

became very irregular with sharp back pain each time and she would be tired very

easily. On her husband’s side, the sperm analysis report showed low sperm counts,

extreme low motility (ability to swim) and 98% of the sperm cells were abnormal.

This was why they decided to get IVF treatments in the first place, because of poor

sperm quality.

After 6 months of treatment, Mrs. Lau was asking if it would be suitable to go for

implantation. Looking at her results, I saw that her Progesterone showed significant

improvement, from 4.2 nmol/L to 7.95 nmol/L. The result for the rest of their

reproductive health showed massive improvements too. I had a lot of confidence in

them, hence, even though I did not recommend using the previous embryos, Mrs. Lau

didn’t want to waste them. Nevertheless, the great news was, this time, she was

pregnant with just 1 embryo being implanted. When she came back to see us again,

she was already 30 weeks pregnant, and she was so looking forward to bringing the

baby home for the Chinese New Year.

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