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She used to be infertile, and now she is a mother of a twin!

Dr. Terrenz, I am pregnant! I can’t believe this, I am having a twin!” This was what

Mrs. Wong surprised me with on one fine morning.

Mrs. Wong was married to her husband in 2013, and they tried to conceive ever since.

But after a few years, there was just no news. Naturally, her “in-laws” were chasing

after her, but even her friends were also asking about it. Under that pressure, the

couple began searching everywhere for solutions, hoping to get pregnant as soon as


It didn’t take too long before they found me on social media and saw the many

excellent comments and the success stories, which encouraged them to make an



It was in 2017 when I first saw Mr. And Mrs. Wong. During my consultation, I found

that Mrs. Wong’s puberty occurred at a very late age, 17 years old, which compared

to the normal age, around 12 years old. What’s worse was that, all this while, Mrs.

Wong’s menstrual cycles were very irregular. She had to rely on contraceptive pills or

Clomiphine (a medicine to help ovulation) otherwise she might not ovulate at all.

On the other hand, I discovered that Mr. Wong’s sperm test results and prostate health

were in really bad condition. Whether it was the motility (how active are the sperm

cells), the amount and even the majority of sperm cells were abnormally shaped. All

parameters were way below the guidelines as suggested by the World Health

Organization (WHO). Furthermore, Mr. Wong was a smoker and both of them often

had to travel overseas for work. Adding stress factors along with a disorganized

lifestyle, they inevitably did a significant harm to their reproductive health.


But, after 1 year of treatment, their fertility health, measured by hormones and blood

tests results, improved significantly. Even though it was still not up to standard for

natural pregnancy, it was more than enough for IVF treatments. Because of their

preparation, in just 1 cycle, they manage to conceive a healthy twin!

I am truly happy for Mr. And Mrs. Wong, and I am very encouraged. Under Mrs.

Wong’s case, many doctors would have suggested Mrs. Wong to get donated eggs,

but she managed to conceive using her own after the treatment. Through this success,

I hope every couple can see the importance of taking good care of your reproductive

health and the need for preparation before actually conceiving, whether via natural

pregnancy or IVF.

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