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Home Artificial Insemination IUI

Home Artificial Insemination IUI is specially designed to help infertile couples. Now, you can avoid taking complicated and expensive fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, and ICSI that require hormone-disrupting medications. This package offers a simple, rapid, and convenient method to increase couples' chance of getting pregnant by at least 50% while it only costs 1/50 of the IVF treatment cost.

To perform Home Artificial Insemination, you only need to follow 3 simple steps.

With 17 years of experience, we will first teach you how to record your menstrual cycle to estimate your ovulation, through a simple educational video backed up with a picture-based tutorial. Next is to confirm ovulation using the UK-imported, high-quality ovulation testing kit that is included in the package.

Once your ovulation day is confirmed, you may use the 100% medical-grade Baby Maker kit (please see picture 1, the content of the baby maker kit) to perform artificial insemination at home with the companion of your partner. You will enjoy 100% privacy during the whole process! No medication or lifestyle changes are needed and you may start at any time.

The baby maker kit can transport sperm directly into the Uterus through the Cervix, shortening the distance to reach the egg by 50% (please see picture 2, how does the baby maker kit work?). Home Artificial Insemination IUI is especially suitable for men facing poor sperm quality, low sperm count, low motility (swimming rate), and a high percentage of deformed sperm. It is also suitable for women who are suffering from recurrent genital inflammations, frequent infections, and antibodies that kill sperm.

The Home Artificial Insemination Kit IUI is a high-quality product imported from the U.S.A and it is reusable. Couples do not need to arrange time from your busy schedule. You may perform insemination at your convenience. If you are planning to get pregnant, hesitate no more, head over to our website for more product information.

Let us help you fight through fertility difficulties!

Picture 1: The Home Artificial Insemination IUI's baby maker kit has 5 major parts, video and diagram instructions will be given.

Picture 2: The Blue component of The Baby Maker Kit can transport sperm directly into the Uterus. Unlike IUI, nothing is inserted into the Uterus, thus, this kit is totally non-invasive. 

VHC Formula

yyb 1.jpg

​Natural Pregnancy - YunYuBao

"YunYuBao" is effective in improving the environment of the uterus, as well as strengthening the condition of the uterus. Besides that, it is able to build up the operation of the ovary and improve ovulation. Lastly, it helps in the regulation of endocrine.

Complete treatment will be 3 months of body conditioning. However, if you did not receive any “good news” after 3 months, you might be facing:


  • Low sperm count.

  • Being not able to grasp the ovulation period

  • An unhealthy lifestyle and long-term stress lead to additional health complications.

  • Blocked fallopian tube(s).

  • Severe endometriosis

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hormone imbalance and etc.

"YunYuBao" is the manifestation of 20 years of hard work and experience from Dr. Terrenz. The ingredients consist of 13 finest natural herbs. The main objectives of  "YunYuBao" are to provide the essence for womb and ovary conditioning, womb and ovary strengthening, as well as to improve the quality of the ovum produced.


All these objectives contribute to the ultimate goal, which is to increase the conceiving rate every month.


  • To improve the operation of the ovary

  • Enhancing ovulation, raise the quality of ovum

    A high-quality ovum will end up as a premium embryo. The success rate of implantation for a premium embryo is surely higher than the normal embryo. Furthermore, the functionality of the ovary brings a direct impact on the components of succeeding in natural conceiving and IVF treatment.

  • To improve the appetite and digestive system

    It helps the digestive system of future mums to absorb nutrients easily. It serves as a foundation for the healthy body of future-baby.

  • To strengthen the womb and corpus luteum

    it helps in improving the blood circulation of the endometrium, and this will create a better environment for the implantation of the embryo. Besides that, it helps in tocolysis and hemostasis, especially in the early stage of pregnancy.

  • To condition the regulation of the endocrine

    The ovulation cycle, the functionality of ovulation, and conceiving are related to the hormone. The hormone group consists of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estrogen, progesterone and etc. The hormone imbalance will affect the ovulation process directly or indirectly.

  • To regulate the menstruation

    It is suitable for women who are experiencing irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, inadequate secretion of hormones, dry skin problems, aging problems, and first period, as well as for women who are approaching menopause.

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The development of a sperm cell takes approximately 100 days, in which the formation of the sperm cells requires 74 days, and it takes 20 to 30 days to be fully mature.

There are 3 criteria for determining the condition of sperm cells:

  1. Sperm count

    - If the sperm count is not at a satisfactory level, not only it lowers the success rate of natural conceiving, but it also lowers both IVF and IUI treatment.

  2. Sperm motility

    - This refers to the movement speed and motion of the sperm cells.
    - The sperm motility will affect the success rate to swim through the uterus and reach the egg.

  3. Sperm morphology

    This refers to the size and shape of the sperm cell.
    - 3 parts of the sperm cell. There are head, body, and tail.
    - It affects the success rate in attempting a pregnancy.
    - A defect on the sperm head will lead to failure for sperm to penetrate the ovum cell.

Male is made from genuine Chinese herbs only. It helps in: 

  • Boosting the sperm count

  • Production line for normal sperm

  • Reinforcing health and body condition

female 1.jpg
female 2.jpg
IVF Preparation -Female  1 & 2

According to clinical research, Chinese medicine is able to improve ovarian function and the quality of the egg produced.


Besides that, it is able to ease endocrine disorders. Chinese medicine also plays a significant role in enhancing endometrial blood flow and creating a better environment for the fertilized egg, in which the fertilized egg will be implanted at ease and so for the prevention of miscarriage.

  • The reproductive gland is very important in the production of the egg, from ovulation until the mature egg is produced. Therefore, the weak reproductive gland will affect the development of follicles. Female 1 & 2 is here to secure the growing process of the follicle, as well as keep the ovulation to be as smooth as silk.

  • The relationship between the corpus luteum and the development of the remaining follicle is significant. The remaining follicle will develop into the corpus luteum. If the development process is poor, the corpus luteum will not be able to perform adequately.

  • Female 1 & 2 help in enhancing the development of the remaining follicle, in which the corpus luteum produced, will come with favorable functionality. In this way, the condition of the endometrium (uterus wall) will be more satisfying, and a better growing environment for the fertilized egg.

female 1& 2.jpg
Confinement Combo Sets
chan hou yang xue tang.jpg
chan hou bu sheng tang.jpg
坐月双宝 1.jpg

The perfect timing to condition a woman’s health and physical condition is the “Confinement Month”, in which it might bring beautification effect to the woman. After the laboring process and 10-month of pregnancy, the condition of your body is “worn out”. As for your internal organs, such as your womb, is stretched to a bigger size. At this moment, your body is best described as a “depleted battery”.

10 sequelae of poor confinement:

  1. Big and wide hips. The size of the hips remains the same as before laboring.

  2. Sagging breasts, neuralgia, back pain, abdominal mass.

  3. “Mask of pregnancy” cannot be removed. The facial spots that occurred during the pregnancy did not go away after laboring.

  4. Poor blood circulation. Endocrine dysfunction leads to cold hands and feet.

  5. Dry eye syndrome. Do not have enough of the quality of tears to lubricate the eyes.

  6. Early menopause. The menopause occurs at the age of 40.

  7. Aging easily. This is the most common symptom for postnatal period, and it is the easiest to detect.

  8. Gynaecologic disorders, such as endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

  9. Postpartum obesity. Woman comes with good absorption capacity at the prenatal stage will experience postpartum obesity, when she takes in tonic prescription right away after labouring.

  10. Postpartum fatigue. Women who are thin and weak at the prenatal stage will experience difficulty in absorbing sufficient nutrients at the postnatal stage. Besides that, she will experience diarrhoea, and she will grow skinnier as time passed. This certainly will affect the progress of recovery.

Tips: How are mothers going to condition their bodies after a month after delivering?

  • Mother is yet to recover from the delivery operation

    • Uterine contraction (6 weeks)

    • Recovery of the endometrium (6 weeks)

    • Recovery of abdominal tension (6-8 weeks)

  • Through the practice of appropriate daily diet and living habit

  • Remember to take the medication on time.

Confinement after Miscarriage

Proper confinement is compulsory after miscarriage. The uterus is like soil used in culturing plants. The impact of miscarriage is bigger than normal pregnancy. Hence, confinement after miscarriage is very important. This is because it might trigger: –

  • Low metabolism and it leads to other diseases

  • Sagging stomach

  • Low blood pressure

  • Weak immune system

  • Hard to recover from fatigue

The BEST alternative to help in: –

  • Boost your health condition

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Improve the regulation of hormones in preventing postpartum depression and postpartum obesity

  • Enhance the functionality of spleen and stomach for the betterment of nutrients absorption

Fully-charged body = 坐月双宝 Confinement Set  + 28 Soup Recipes + 16 Meal Treatments + 12 massage methods.


Our Testimonies


Ms Goh

I'm a 34 years old mum with a 3 years old kid. My husband and I plan to gift my son with a sibling. We worked hard on that, but miscarriage twice, unfortunately.

I came across Dr. Terrenz on an online forum. After I consume a 6 months session of VHC YunYuBao,

I finally got pregnant! 

Now, I'm 5 months pregnant and we are so excited for the baby to arrive!


Ms Leong

I got married at the age of 33 but I was unsuccessful when it comes to having kids. I tried IVF at the age of 37.


I consume 3 bottles of YunYuBao before that and go through the IVF treatment smoothly before finally got pregnant! 


Ms Wong

My husband and I tried for pregnancy after we got married when I was 32. I have low AMH and was on ovulation meds but still no news from my tummy.


After I've had the second bottle of YunYuBao for a week, I found my period for that month is late. I visited the doctor after the late period for 20 days, and I was told that I am 5 weeks pregnant! 


Ms Lim

Finally, I have my 3rd child at age of 37! I had purchased YunYuBao when I planned to get my 2nd baby, and I know that it helps! So, when I plan for my 3rd child, I purchased it again.

After consuming 2 courses of treatment,

YunYuBao helps to reduce my menstrual

pain and the coldness of my legs reduce obviously!

My period late this Feb, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Yes! The result is positive! Thank you YunYuBao brings my 3rd baby into my life!



Ms Yew

I got married 3 years ago but still childless. I went for a checkup and found out that there is a polyps in my uterus. After getting the polyps out, my menstruate cycle shorten. I bought my first session of YunYuBao and my regain my normal period cycle.


After having YunYuBao, all of my vitals excluding FSH has improved and I got my baby after 2 sessions of it !

谢谢Female 1和Male 让我IUI成功.jpg

Ms Chee

I got married when I was 23 and I found out that my husband is necrospermian after going through a series of checkups for our plans for having kids. I was going through a low AMH with a few ovums for IVF. 

I failed IVF 4 times before starting to consume Female 1, while my husband is on Male. 

When I went to the doctor's again, he told me that I have polyps. After the operation, the doctor advise me to go for IUI and it succeeded !


Ms Ying

We married 6 years and still havent get our child. So, Husband and I decided to do IVF, and we follow the advice and treatment of doctor. Luckily, I got pregnant BEFORE I start my IVF journey!

Unfortunely, doctor found that the baby's heart only grown 80%, they advided me to stop my pregnancy.

We lost our hopes after we lost our baby.

Luckily, we met YunYuBao. After consume 2 bottles of it, I got pregant!


Ms Tan

My sister and I had prepared for conceive quite a long period.

The 1st time I know YunYuBao is because of my sister. Her friends recommended to us that it helps reduce the coldness of body, and the tiredness.

I got pregnant when I consume the 2nd course of YunYuBao! So, I gave the rest of the amount of it to my sister, hope it helps her too. After consume a period, she got pregnant too! OMG, we have our own child together!


Ms Yee

I'm at the age of 31 and my husband at 32. We straight prepare for our conception on the 6rd months of marriage.

We go for fertility checkup after few times of failure. Doctor checked and told us, my body condition is very healthy, we should probably not difficult to get pregnant.

When I finished consumed the 1st bottle of YunYuBao, my period late and I checked on pregnancy test, I'M PREGNANT!! 

We helped more than 1000 infertile couples

achieve their dream pregnancy!

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