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Genetic mutations (changes) took away her babies!

Mrs. Yao was 33 years old, and married to her husband 8 years ago. She was 4

months pregnant. But that didn’t come easy, it was the sweet result of precision health

preparation for over 2 years. She very thankful because her husband was giving her

unconditional support throughout the entire course of treatment.

Due to couple’s busy lifestyle, they often forgot to perform the Fertility Self Massage,

and might not even have the luxury to follow the cooking recipes that I planned for

them. But that didn’t stop them from boosting their reproductive health. They insisted

on getting themselves in the “best condition” and gave 100% trust to me and my team

believing that we would be able to help them conceive a health baby.


Mrs. Yao miscarried twice before, which did a significant harm to her body. The first

miscarriage was 4 years ago, when the fetus was 6 weeks old, because she was

lacking amniotic fluid, the baby stopped growing and showed signs of severe

developmental delays. Under this circumstance, she had to bear the pain, and

discontinue the pregnancy. After the necessary procedures, she took a recovery period

(confinement) of 40 days.

A few months down the road, Mrs. Yao did a pregnant test (HCG), and it was

positive. But, like last time, the fetus showed no signs of grows during the

ultrasound scan, and had to once again, stop the pregnancy.

With 2 miscarriages , I began to wonder if this is related to her genes, so I ordered a

test called the Infertility Genetic Screening for Mrs. Yao hoping to find the true

reason for her miscarriages. When the results came back, we found that Mrs. Yao had

a genetic defect on her hormone receptor affecting her LH (Luteinizing Hormone)

which is very important for the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy.

With this information at hand, the couple worked even harder and was even more

determine to resolve this problem. After 7 months of treatment pinpointing at

increasing her LH while balancing the other Fertility Hormones, Mrs. Yao was once

again pregnant and manage to pass the most “dangerous” pregnancy period, 12 weeks,

and is considered stable. I truly hope that Mr. and Mrs. Yao will manage to get a

healthy baby and live a happy family life like they always dreamed of.

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