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Tuberculosis can make you infertile!

It was 6 years ago since I first saw Mrs. Hu, she was married to her husband for 2

years. During that time she thought that having a baby is something very “normal”

and so didn’t pay too much attention to it. Like many young couples, sorting out their

career developments and financial Independence topped their priority list and having

a baby was their second. But, Mrs. Hu knew that in order to have a healthy baby, the

parents, must first, be healthy and for this reason, Mrs. Hu came to see me.


Mrs. Hu frequently paused the course of treatment as she was very prone to illness,

such as colds and flu, but that didn’t stop her perseverance to enhance her fertility and

health condition. But, in 2015, Mrs. Hu caught a cough that she really struggled to

recover from. No matter how many medications she took, the cough just wouldn’t go

away. Therefore she went to a hospital for a detailed check and was diagnosed with

Tuberculosis (a disease caused by bacteria which usually attack the lungs, but they

can also damage other parts of the body.) What’s worse is that the bacteria had already

spread to and infected her uterus. Without further options, Mrs. Hu had to stop her

cause of treatment and had to sort out the Tuberculosis problem first.


In just a few months, Mrs. Hu was fully recovered from the disease and came to see

me again. This time, she was able to cruise through the course of treatment smoothly.

She and her husband’s fertility health was up to standard for natural pregnancy, but

Mrs. Hu had bilateral (two sides) block fallopian tubes, and the only way to conceive

is via IVF. But because of their efforts, in just 1 cycle, Mrs. Hu was able to produce 6

Grade A embryos and had successfully implanted one of them. She was 20 weeks

pregnant when she came to see me again for advice on pregnancy management.


I was truly touched and impressed by Mr. And Mrs. Hu’s perseverance, even with so

many barriers, they have lasted to the end and gave birth to a healthy and adorable

baby boy.

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