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Psychology Patient

Why is Genetic Counselling so important?


Genetic counselors are available to guide patients through their results: What does a positive detection of a mutation mean? Which findings require urgent medical action and which don’t? How should you share the news with loved ones?


Today’s genetic counselors aren’t just advisors—they are advocates, coaches and, to some extent, therapists who can help patients navigate the emotional straits of potentially devastating news.

Prescription Medicine

A third of Americans use Complementary Alternative Medicine 



About a third of Americans seek help for their health in a place that is outside their doctor's office. People who have trouble falling asleep use it, as do people who struggle with jet lag. Some people also report using it to fight cancer.




Herbal Medicine

Prevalence and Predictors of Herbal Medicine Use in America


More than one-third of respondents reported using herbal supplements. Older age and higher education were associated with a higher use of herbal supplements. People with chronic diseases are more likely to use herbal medicines than others. OTC drug users and patients with stroke are more likely to use herbal medicines than others.

Scientist on Tablet

The University of Chicago Researches about Herbal Medicine


ICMM’s mission:

(1) to adopt a scientific approach to the study of the production and delivery of traditional Chinese pharmaceuticals,


(2) to engage in, and/or provide consultation to, clinical trials and pharmaceutical production,


(3) to study the basic theories of traditional Chinese pharmaceuticals and their applications,


(4) to validate under scientific conditions the efficacy of traditional Chinese pharmaceuticals,


(5) to raise the study of traditional pharmaceuticals to modern scientific levels,


(6) to develop and spread China’s exceptional body of medical knowledge for the benefit of all.

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