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IVF failed, but that saved their child!

Mrs. Lee was married to her husband for four years, at the time, she was already 35

years old. During the first year of their marriage, they had been using contraceptives

extensively. But one day, they realized that it is time to have a child, due to Mrs. Lee's

age, it was now or never. They were expecting to get pregnant once they got off the

pills, only to find that they were unable to conceive. After countless tries using

different methods, the couple decided to go for an IVF cycle, but they failed because

the Doctor could not find any sperm cells from Mr. Lee's sample. After spending

RM 30K plus for nothing, and without further explanations from the Doctor, the

couple lost confidence with IVF treatments. So they made a decision to enhance their

health first before trying again, hoping to increase their chance of success.

The couple came to see me in 2016. During my consultation, I found that Mr. Lee's

close family and relatives had a long history of lung cancer. Furthermore, Mr. Lee

was also suffering from pulmonary fibroma (a rare tumor in the lungs), and it is very

difficult to find cure for this condition. Because of their family history and failed IVF

cycle, I arranged a genetic test called Infertility Genetic Screening (Reprogene) for

him. The result came back and shocked everyone including the Scientists. It showed

that Mr. Lee has a genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis (a hereditary disease that

affects the lungs and digestive system as the body produces thick and sticky mucus

that can clog and obstruct various organs).


But, Cystic Fibrosis is a highly heritable disease, there is a 50% chance that their

offspring will get it via natural pregnancy. What's worse is that, if his child get Cystic

Fibrosis, they might most likely need lung transplant. However, for men, Cystic

Fibrosis doesn't just affect the lungs, they will be born without the vas deferens (the

tube that transport sperms), and of course, Mr. Lee is no exception.

After getting their health back to shape, the couple was ready for another IVF cycle,

except this time, in order to get sperm samples from Mr. Lee, he had to undergo a

special procedure called TESA which is to extract sperms directly. Due to all the

efforts and perseverance, they managed to get 6 Grade A embryos to undergo Pre-

implantation Genetic Screening / Diagnosis (PGS & PGD). Mrs. Lee was finally

pregnant. She came to see me again on the 13th weeks of gestation for advice on early

pregnancy management and she said to me, "It was very fortunate that the previous

IVF was unsuccessful, otherwise her child might get the genetic disease."

I am very glad that through the most advanced genetic testing technology and

personalized fertility treatment plan, we were able to give a happy and healthy child

to Mr. And Mrs. Lee and I wish them happiness and smooth delivery.

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