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(Carrier  Genetic Test)

Our Stanford Genetic Specialist share with you - Don't inherit genetic disease to your next generation!

According to the American Association for Scientific Research, 1/5 people has genetic genes. You may not be ill yourself, and "it" may not affect your life. There are even many couples who release they are genetic disease carrier until they give birth to a baby that have genetic disease. One in every 70 babies in Malaysia has a genetic disease, or even more than one at a time, such as thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sach Syndrome, Huntington Disease, Angelman Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome and more than 100 deadly genetic diseases. However, they were able to inherit to generations. According to the American Genetics Institute, if both parents are carrying a genetic disease, there is a 25% chance that the disease will be inherit to the child and maybe will ill in the lifetime of baby, while there is a 50% chance that the child will become the carrier of genetic disease, same with their parents, and only a 25% chance of getting away with it completely.

Now we can screen 420 of Asia's most common genetic disease genes through The Pre-pregnancy DNA Test and plan the most suitable fertility program for you. Be aware that neither of the couples, or even both of them, is genetically inherited and can be screened to ensure that you have a healthy, disease-free baby. But you have to follow the right path and fertility plan.


The Pre-pregnancy DNA Test is a test is a must for every couple that preparing to have their own baby, because genetic disease can inherit to your baby. What do you know about genetic disease genes? How do you protect your baby from genetic disease? 

Our service has won many of the most prestigious awards in Malaysia and Europe, and there is only one mission in our hearts to ensure you have a healthy baby you never dreamed of. If you're planning to get pregnant, make an appointment with Adam Hung, a genetic specialist recognized by Stanford University School of Medicine.