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Cancer Genetic Test & Prevention

Our Harvard cancer geneticist share with you - 

​don't inherit cancer genes to the next generation!

According to the Malaysia Cancer Research Center, 2 million women will develop breast cancer in 2018, and all cancers are genetic, and they are highly hereditary, with a 50% risk of transmission to their babies.

A cancer gene doesn't affect just one organ, just like breast Cancer Genes, BRCA, and listening to its name, maybe it should only cause breast cancer, but "it" can also cause more than a dozen 

cancers, including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine muscle 

cancer, fallopian tube cancer,  pancreatic cancer,  and colorectal cancer.  What is the most worried? Once their baby gets a cancer gene such as BRCA, he or she has an 80 percent risk of developing cancer in his or her lifetime!

Now, we can screen up to 82 cancer genes and plan the most suitable fertility plan for you through The Pre-pregnancy Cancer Genetic Screening. If neither one of the couples, or even both of them, has cancer genes, you can use genetic screening to ensure that you and your partner have a healthy baby without cancer genes. But you have to follow the right path and fertility plan.

If you or a close relative has cancer, The Pre-pregnancy Cancer Genetic Screening is a must before you are ready to pregnant, because cancer genes can inherit to your next generation.

What do you know about cancer genes? How do you protect your baby from genetic diseases? Our service has won many of the most prestigious awards in Malaysia and Europe, and there is only one mission in our hearts to ensure you have a healthy baby you never dreamed of.

If you're planning to start your pregnancy journey, make an appointment with Adam Hung, our Harvard Cancer Genetics Specialist recognized by Harvard Medical School.

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