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About Us

Verdure Healthcare Consultancy Sdn Bhd is probably the only Fertility Specialist Consultancy in Asia providing personalized solutions and integrated medicine for the treatment of Infertility and Eugenics. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our customers come from all around the world including Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.


Over the past 16 years, we achieved great levels of success in the infertility sector by providing professional assistance to more than 1000 couples with various complicated fertility problems, helping them to achieve their dream of starting a family. We combine the best practices from Chinese and Western medicine to maximize healing efforts for infertile couples, and now, we are extending towards the practice of eugenics to maximize the health quality of our next generation through genetic screening and diagnosis.


Our collaborations include 7 of the most well-known Fertility clinics across Malaysia along with the nation’s largest 2 Health Screening Laboratories; BP and Pathlab, as well as 2 of the best DNA Laboratories in Malaysia, Genomix Lab, and DNA Laboratories.


Our enthusiastic consultants and highly passionate team are always ready to serve with two focused customer service objectives, consistent quality of services, and achieve the highest customer satisfaction


Heartiest Congratulations to Verdure Healthcare upon achieving Superbrands Malaysia 2021 Award!

We thank all of our client's support from the bottom of our hearts.

Verdure Healthcare has honorably received Superbrands Malaysia 2021 Award. Despite Covid-19, Verdure kept striving to provide the best Personalized Fertility Medicine for all of our valued clients. We have received such a prestigious award as one of the most trusted brands in Malaysia, for our medical innovation and the quality of our service. From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), fertility hormone and blood tests, IVF Consultation, Precision Medicine Genetics Tests (including Reprogene Infertility Genetic Screening, The pre-pregnancy DNA test, Cancer genetic testing, and the NiPT Non-invasive prenatal genetic test) all the way to postpartum care (confinement), we provide a one-stop fertility service to bring you on to the road of a successful pregnancy!

Our testimonies

Tuberculosis can make you infertile!.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Oh

Tuberculosis makes me infertile!

But now, we have our own babies!

Genetic mutations (changes) took away he

Mr. & Mrs Jau

Genetic mutations (changes)

took away our babies!

But luckily, we met Verdure Healthcare,

Dr. Terrenz & Adam Hung!

She used to be infertile, and now she is

Mr. & Mrs. Ng

We used to be infertile, and now I'm the mother of twins!

Established in 2004, Verdure Healthcare Consultancy marks its 18th anniversary! Over the past 18 years, we helped countless couples achieve their dream of having a healthy baby! We sincerely thank each and every couple for their trust in us.

Over the past, we had the privilege to receive 6 prestigious awards including:

2019 - The Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige
2019 -Total Quality Customers Satisfaction Certificate
2019 -SME100 Awards
2021 - BabyTalk Mamapapa Reader's Choice Award 2021
2021- Superbrand Awards 2021

2021-Europe Business Awards: Best Regional Clinic 2021

Our latest development stepped into the field of genetics enabling us to perform infertility investigation, Pre-pregnancy DNA Screenings, and Pre-natal Genetic Tests by our certified Geneticist, Adam Hung using the latest technology. Through reproductive health enhancement and genetic screening, you wouldn't just a baby, but a healthy baby without genetic disease genes!

From Chinese medicine conditioning, medical testing, test-tube baby, genetic screening to prenatal and postnatal care, and perfect confinement, we provide one-stop pregnancy assistance services to accompany you on the road to successful pregnancy!

Our Medical Expert

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Medical Director 

Adam Hung

Adam Hung is a Genetic Specialist from Verdure Healthcare Consultancy Sdn. Bhd., a Counsellor member of the British Fertility Society (BFS), a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and a professional Member of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. He comes from a family background of a Chinese physician, which provides professional fertility treatment. 

Our Products

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Female 1

  • To enhance the development of the follicle

  • Helps in smooth ovulation

  • Helps to produce good-quality of ovums

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Female 2

  • Strengthening of corpus luteum

  • To improve endometrium condition

  • Reduce miscarriage rate



  • Boost up the quantity & quality of sperm

  • Increase normal sperm

  • Helps to improve the motility of sperm